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The rug obsession is real! When picking a rug it can be easy to go and grab the cutest one Ann Arbor MI has to offer, but there is more to consider than just the design. 

man with white shoes standing on orange printed rug in Ann Arbor MI

A Rug is A Great Starting Point:

The area or oriental rug you choose to put in your home becomes a staple piece. From it you can choose a color scheme for the entire room. If you are decorating a room from square one, consider choosing a rug first. Choosing a rug that has vibrant colors or an interesting pattern gives you instant ideas for the rest of your decor. 

orange and blue room with orange and blue and tan printed rug in Ann Arbor MI

Remember A Rug Isn’t Carpet!

You chose a rug to take the place of carpet, that means it shouldn’t cover your floor wall to wall. Leave at least 6-18 inches of floor exposed surrounding the edges of the rug. A rug that is not proportional to the room can change how the size of the room appears. If your rug is too large, your room could look smaller than it actually is. 

oriental rug in living room in Ann Arbor MI

Consider Clean-up

Some rugs are more stain resistant than others. Match your rug type with the room it is placed in. Wool repels liquid so if you clean up a spill quickly your rug stands a chance! Jute is durable and easy to clean. Shag rugs on the other hand can be difficult to clean at home thoroughly.  Your rug will not go unnoticed, so do yourself a favor and choose one that is easy to clean. 

orange and green oriental rug in Ann Arbor MI

Acting quick when stains occur and regular vacuuming will keep just about any rug looking nice. A proper professional cleaning in addition to those regular tasks will keep your area rug looking its best in Ann Arbor MI.