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dog peeing on furniture in Ann Arbor MIFact About Removing Pet Urine #1:

Longer Carpet Life

Pet urine can ultimately destroy carpet if it is left untreated. It sinks below the surface and destroys the carpet bedding and eventually the foundation below. Removing pet urine helps carpet to last longer.


Fact About Removing Pet Urine #2:

Better Smelling

P.U.R.T. is our specialized pet urine removal treatment that eliminates odors by exploding- that’s right exploding- urine crystals that lurk below carpet fibers. Once they are destroyed, they no longer have a pungent odor. Your home will be better smelling once pet urine odors are removed..


Fact About Removing Pet Urine #3:

dog sitting on blanket on carpet in Ann Arbor MIRemove Bacteria

When you remove pet urine from your carpet you also remove bacteria because bacteria thrive in warm, wet places. A puddle of urine is a dream come true for bacteria.

Fact About Removing Pet Urine #4:

Gorgeous Carpet

Removing pet urine from carpet enhances the look of your home. A carpet without stains changes the look of the whole room. Pet urine

diagram of pee soaking through carpet into padding and sub-floor in Ann Arbor MI


Fact About Removing Pet Urine #5:

Eliminate At The Source

Masking urine smells can only do so much. A pet urine removal, however, can do so much more. When we remove pet urine we eliminate the odor and stain at the source so that the carpet looks and smells so much better! The urine and odor is destroyed for good.


woman scheduling pet urine removal carpet and upholstery treatment on an ipad in Ann Arbor MI

Fact About Removing Pet Urine #6:

Our Best Carpet Cleaning Methods

One of the most important facts you need to know about pet urine removal is that at Green Mitten Chem-Dry we put forth our best carpet cleaning methods to destroy pet urine and odor once and for all.

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