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Coronavirus Cleaning Tips

Featured Image Looking for ways to keep your home extra clean during the coronavirus outbreak? Take a look at our coronavirus cleaning tips and do your best to keep your home safe and healthy...


Be Prepared This Valentines Day!

Featured Image A stain or spill trying to ruin your perfect night? Here's how we can help...


Happy Thanksgiving week! We have something to say.

Featured Image You have written us many, many wonderful reviews. Hearing that you are satisfied with our cleaning services reminds us that we are making a difference in our community....


How To Pick The Best Rug For Your Room (and maintain it)

Featured Image The rug obsession is real! When picking a rug it can be easy to go and grab the cutest one Ann Arbor MI has to offer, but there is more to consider than just the design....


Could your carpets be begging for a carpet cleaning?

Featured Image Could you carpets be begging for a carpet cleaning? Do you have kids? Do you have pets? Your carpet can trap allergens, bacteria, stains and lots of yucky stuff. You need a regular carpet cleaning every 3-6 months to maintain a high quality, healthy home....


6 Reasons You MUST Remove Pet Urine From Your Carpet (& Furniture)

Featured Image Remove pet urine carpet to see great results in your house....


Got Allergies? Find out if these common allergens are in your home

Featured Image Could these three common allergens be found in your home?...


3 Tricks For Better Smelling, Brighter Carpets

Featured Image 3 quick tricks for better smelling, brighter carpets. Our method will have your carpets looking brighter, smelling better AND cleaner!...


DIY Carpet Deodorizer- Get Good Smelling Carpet!

Featured Image Along with spills and stains, your carpets can unfortunately get smelly too and if you're on budget we have the perfect remedy for you! This easy carpet deodorizer only has two or three ingredients and is all natural. You can have fresher, better smelling carpets in no time!...


Carpet Cleaning to Impress Your In-laws

Featured Image We can take care of all your carpet cleaning needs so you can focus on other things! Because we use the power of carbonation and a third of the water as regular carpet cleaners, you can go holiday shopping and come home to a cleaner, healthier, dry carpet....